Monday, 26 March 2012

Welcome to FabulousiTEE :)

Michelle Ooi is the proud owner of FabulousiTEE, focusing on Fabulous and Glamorous Tank Tops for every girl out there!

Voted as CLEO STYLISTA Winner, she then plans to further her fashion journey with creating her own fashion line, called FabulousiTEE, 
which is every girl MUST HAVE Fabulous Tank Tops! We have for the sweet, sassy, wild and even kinky girls out there. 

FabulousiTEE is glamorous, colourful and easy to match with anything! The concept behind FabulousiTEE is its’s created for
every different personality fashionsta out there who loves to mix and match! FabulousiTEE is FUN and it tells you a lot about your personality.

FabulousiTEE emphasised on lifestyle, basically tank tops that just screams GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN! 

Visit Michelle’s personal fashion blog at

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