Thursday, 31 May 2012

Model profile : Brigette Liberty

Brigette Liberty

Likes: White wine, medium pull cigars and a really good read.

Dislikes: Plastic cutlery, fame mongers and small minds.

Greatest Ambition:Enlightenment because re-birth sounds just as good as a pap smear during your period

Thank you Brigette Liberty for being The Kin’s glamorous slaves
We love you Briekins <3 <3

Brigette’s wish : always wanted to be a cougar as college boys are cute!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Offline Boutique

Hey Everyone! Just a quick update that I’ve restock at OFFLINE BOUTIQUE SUNWAY PYRAMID! You can now get new designs from there :)

Offline Boutique
Lot F1 AV.149 & 150, Asian Avenue
Sunway Pyramid


Alternatively, you can get it from @zalora as well :)

and to view some dresses from my own collection, you can visit here :

Have a nice day!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Thank you!

Hey everyone!

Just wanna say THANK YOU to everyone who purchase FabulousiTEE! Here are some pictures of my customers who actually post a picture wearing FabulousiTEE :D

You guys are the best! 


Vivian wearing ‘ I WEAR HIGH HEELS ONLY’ Tee

Charis Ow wearing ‘ PARTY SLEEP REPEAT ‘ Tee

Kelly Siew wore ‘ WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE ‘ Tee

Natalie Lynn wore ‘ PARTY SLEEP REPEAT ‘ Tee

Oh, did I mention that we were at BEDROOM PAVILION for the GIRLS AND MONEY PARTY?
I was the featured girl of the night along with my best pal Brigette Liberty!

I wanna thank you everyone who showed up and make the event meaningful for me!
Here are some crazy pictures of us and FabulousiTEE

FabulousiTEE presents BOYS AND MONEY

 Doesn’t the boys look good in fabulousitee?
Thank you Cavin, Marcus, Matt, Wewe, Don, David and Chris :)

 If I ever planned to do a fashion show, i’ll make sure my guy models wears FabulousiTEE


visit my personal blog for more awesome pictures : The-Kins

Monday, 7 May 2012

Fab Turquoise

New arrivals <3

FabulousiTEE is now TURQUOISE <3 

RM 39

email me at